fredag 6 maj 2011

How to get a "FAT" and "HEAVY" metal guitar sound!

I talked earlier on about getting a fat metal guitar sound. Check it out here: 3 ways to get a "FAT" metal guitar sound.

Some days ago though, I came across this guy on youtube, and his tutorial about "How to record metal guitars at home". I really thought I needed to share it with you! So check out the video bellow, and learn from a master!

Nice huh? I also advice you to go and check out the rest of his youtube channel. many great videos on that page!


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torsdag 5 maj 2011

New In Flames song "Deliver Us" on Youtube!

Check out the new IN FLAMES song DELIVER US from their upcoming album SOUNDS OF A PLAYGROUND FADING!

Sounds good! Doesn't it!? I really like the vocals and the cool guitar work. What do you think?


söndag 1 maj 2011

New series! "Spotify list of the week"

Hello fuuuuckers!

I'm starting a new blogpost series today! It's called "Spotify list of the week"! Every Sunday I will post a new list of about 10 songs for you to listen to. The songs kinda reflects what i'm listening to at the time, or what songs i'm learning. Hope you like it! It would be cool if you would like to share YOUR lists with me!

So, to get this coming weeks list, just click the spotify icon!

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