måndag 5 oktober 2009

7 tips to make the time "on the road" golden!

Hello guys!

I just found this great tips for bands being "on the road". It's from the great guitar blog "Guitaro Jam News". This is for all of you guys who gig a lot, but also for you who doesn't gig at all, because it tells a lot about respecting your bandmates and so on. Really great reading!

Here's an outtake:

Hello, er, um…” (pause and look down at set list) “Flint, Michigan! Are you ready to rock?!”

Well, it sounds like you’ve done it. You’ve taken that giant leap of faith, piled in a van with your band mates and hit the road. You’re all so excited and everything is going perfectly…except for your drummer’s BO…and your singer’s insistence on singing the falsetto portion of “Bohemian Rhapsody” in your cramped, non-resonant living quarters ad nauseam…and your keyboardist’s musings on the musical legitimacy of 80’s synch-pop…and your guitarist, drooling on your shoulder.

Though becoming touring road warriors is not a perfect science, there are things that everyone can do in order to live together in a less stressful environment. The following are tips on how to co-exist with your band of brothers and how to bring about a little Kum Ba Yah on the road.

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  1. I think my bandmates will have to read this one too! haha