måndag 5 oktober 2009

Poll results and new poll

Hello guys!

Last weeks poll of "Whats the best amp company?" has now ended, and the winner is.........


Closely followed by Peavey, Fender and Mesa Boogie.

A new poll is up, and this is a interesting one!
The question is "A well respected and well hated man in the guitar business is Yngwie Malmsteen, What do you think of that man?" You can answer this poll untill next sunday.

Here's a video for the all the lovers, and underneath that, a video for all the haters.

You can read more about old polls here

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3 kommentarer:

  1. I saw the Live In the Leningrad when I was 13 -> I pick up the guitar and have played since. So Whatever he does nowadays has nothing to do that he was the inspiration to start playing so YJM is always one of my favourites.

  2. That's great to hear! Which year was this concert? In my opinion, he has one of the best vibratos out there!

  3. Sorry I didn't write that it was VHS ^_^ but it was sooo Impressive. I reallylike the old stuff still. Vibrato is nice and performance and showmanship which is important in playing. real Guitar hero even there are tons of better players.