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What does actually a "Guitar Technician/Guitar Tech" do?

Hello dudes!

Tomorrow I will be of with the band Dead and Living to Västerås in Sweden. I will act as there guitar technician during there show. Check out the bands myspace here: http://www.myspace.com/thedeadandliving

If you play a lot live, or maybe play in a "bigger" band, you probably already know what a guitar tech is. But just in case if you don't know. I will tell you some about it.

Here is an outake from Wikipedia about Guitar technicians:

A guitar technician (or 'guitar tech') is a member of a music ensemble's road crew who maintains and sets up the musical equipment for one or more guitarists during a concert tour. Depending on the type and size of band, the guitar tech may be responsible for stringing, tuning, and adjusting electric guitars and acoustic guitars, and maintaining and setting up guitar amplifiers and other related electronic equipment such as effect pedals.

Once the guitar equipment has been set up onstage, the guitar tech does a soundcheck to ensure that the equipment is working well. If there are any problems, the guitar tech will replace or repair the faulty components or equipment. Since guitar techs need to soundcheck the instruments and amplifiers, they must have basic guitar-playing skills, a musical "ear" for tuning, and a familiarity with the way guitars, amplifiers, and effect pedals are supposed to sound in the style of music of their band.

Guitar techs learn their craft either "on the job", by working in a range of music, sound engineering, and instrument repair jobs; by completing a guitar repair program at a college or lutherie school; or from a combination of these two routes. The salaries and conditions of work for guitar techs vary widely, depending on whether a guitar tech is working for a minor or regional touring bar band or a major international touring act.

So a guitar tech does actually do that tuning/stringing work during, before and after the gigs. A pretty big responibility, but what the heck! It's all fun :)
If you want to read more about guitar technicians, click here!

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