torsdag 8 oktober 2009

A masterpiece!

Hello guys!

Anyone here listening to Bon Jovi? I'm a big fan of  Richie Sambora (guitarist of Bon Jovi), and if you havn't heard that guy play guitar, i suggest you to CLICK HERE to listen to some Sambora solos!

I just had to post you this video of Jon and Richie playing "Livin on a prayer" and "Wanted dead or alive" , live, and acoustic. This videos incorporates both great singing and great performance, and of course really great guitarplaying! So this 6:52 minutes long video is definitely worth watching!

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3 kommentarer:

  1. Richie Sambora can play the heck out of a guitar. I like a lot of Bon Jovi songs but Wanted Dead or Alive is one of my favorites.

  2. Hell yeah! Yeah that's mine too:)

  3. I looooove Bon Jovi och speciellt det klippet! Fan vad jag hoppas att de inkluderar Sverige på turnén...