fredag 11 september 2009

Chord of the day #1

Hello dudes!

Maybe at this point you have been watched my first video post, "LICK OF THE DAY"?
If thats not the case, check it out at:
Lick of day 1

After making that one i thought, "why don't make a chord of the day too?" so.. here it is!

Chord of today is a Amaj7sus2. A Amaj7sus2 contains of 4 tones(A B E G#). In my chordform, i have put the A and B after eachother in the same octave. This creates a nice sound because of the A and B being so close to eachother. I think of this chord as a pop/jazz chord, because it works great in both genres because of the maj7(G#) that creates the jazzy sound, and the sus2(B) that creates the laidback popsound.

Here's a chordform of the Amaj7sus2:

I made a sound example too. First you'll here the chord being played. Then you'll here me use the chord in a nice little sequence, and finally you'll here me play a little "melody" over it.



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