onsdag 9 september 2009

My 2:nd guitar

My 2:nd guitar is a Ibanez Artcore AF-125. It's a hollowbody guitar and again a Ibanez! The guitar is made in general by maple and with some layers of bubinga (African Rosewood). Bubinga is a tree from western Africa, and are light red to violet in color, and have often purple stripes, as you can see in the picture.

The guitar is provided with two Ibanez IBZ super'58 custom humbucker. Its has a really nice warm tone in the neck pickup, and you can get a really cool funky sound with the bridge pickup.

I use this guitar when i play jazz, and i'm really into Pat Metheny stuff, so if you wanna have that sound, this guitar is awsome! Just add a touch of delay and a nice valve amp.

I also use flatwound strings wich give the guitar an even warmer tone, and slides both sounds awsome and are easy to do.
Check out my other Ibanez guitar at:

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