lördag 12 september 2009

Lick of the day #2

Hello dudes!

LICK OF THE DAY IS BACK! If you have any comments about lick of the day, feel free to send me a mail to Kristofer_strandberg@hotmail.com or throw me a comment here on the blog!

I see at this lick as Steve Vai meets Andy Timmons lick, because it has a sus2 feel and a blues feel at the same time.
The lick is based around D major except at the end where i use the note F, wich i put there to get the bluesy sound. It's a lot of slides in this lick, so don't hurt your fingers, like i did! haha.
I play the lick in 100 bmp in the fast tempo, and then just play it at half speed in the slow tempo(50 bpm). I also played the lick over a Dsus 2 pad, to really get the sound out of the lick.

If you want to download the tab and the pad you can do it here:
You will need some kind of winzip/winrar to open it.

See yaa!//Kristofer

2 kommentarer:

  1. Yeah! nice blog! Höj metronomen så den hörs när du spelar själva licket så blir det ännu bättre. ska sätta mig och lära mig det där nu // Tobias

  2. Tackar! det ska jag fixa till nästa:)