tisdag 8 september 2009

My guitar

This is one of my electric guitars, its a Ibanez Prestige 1550 bk. I have 4 Ibanez guitars btw!

The pickups are Ibanez own pickups. V8 in the bridge positions, V7 in the neck position, and a S1 between these. Not the best pickups so i have been thinking about changing V8 to something else. The S1 has a pretty cool sound though. It sounds kind of a "Strat" like, or almost like an acoustic guitar.

The Neck i a "Wizard" neck like they call it, and i LOVE it! Really good for peoples like me who like thin/fast necks.

It has a Floyd Rose bridge, cant remember the model of it though.
More about Ibanez guitars at: http://www.ibanez.com/
Here are some pics:

And yes i love the colour blue...

And in action;)

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