fredag 11 september 2009

Guitarist to check out!


Im gonna give you a guitarist tip. It's Mr. Guthrie Govan, a completely guitar genius! His technique, bends, vibrato, note choice, everything is perfect! So if you havn't checked out this guy. Go and do it right away! Guthrie also writes columns in guitar magz, like Guitar Techniques, a mag i subscribe to.

This is a version of him playing a song called Fives:

You can also check him out at:

And if you are lucky enough and living in the U.K, you can go and see him do clinics and stuff.
I know that there are at least one going on pretty soon at Bailbrook, Bath. 17&18 oct. It's with Guthrie and Jason Sidwell.
More info at:

Thats all for now//Kristofer

4 kommentarer:

  1. Vilken sjuk jävla människa :P Det är nästan så man blir arg!

  2. I have seen him at a guitar clinic and Mr. Guthrie Govan, is simply amazing. His guitar playing seems effortless.

  3. That's awsome! I really want to see a clinic with that man. And yeah everything feels so natrual for him!