torsdag 17 september 2009

Chord of the day #2


Chord of the day is back! If you havn't checked out #1 you can do it HERE.
Todays chord is Dm9. A Dm9 contains of 5 notes (D E F A C), but in my chordform I have deleted the fifth(A). Instead the E is doubled. This chord is kind of a jazzy, and can be found in many bossa nova songs and so on, but it also can be used in pop songs etc. A m9 chord has a really laidback sounds, or what do you say? I really like the sound and use this chord a lot, its pretty easy to fret too, because you dont need to barré any finger, its just one note per finger.

Here's a chordform of the Dm9:

I have made a music exemple too. As usual I play the chord first, then I play a little sequence where I use the chord, then I improvise over the sequence. Todays sequence is, Dm9 Gm9 A7#5b9, and its in the style of bossa nova.
If you have a chordform or something and you cant figure out what the chord is, or maybe if you wanna know a way to use it. Send me a mail or comment and tell me:)
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