onsdag 16 september 2009

New guitarist to check out!

Hello dudes!

Guitarist for today is Alex Skolnick. Alex Skolnick has, since the first note i heard him played, been a BIG inspiration to me. The first notes i heard from him was actually The intro to "Eerie Inhabitants" by Testament, the metal band Alex plays in. I have made a cover of that intro. Its like 3 years ago though, so i probably play it better today:) Anyway, here it is.

Why i got so stuck with him is maybe because, like i heard someone else said. "His songs are like a song within a song with their own movements and sections". He really builds his solos up in such a awsome way. Also nowdays, he plays both Thrashmetal and Jazz, just like me:)
So here is a video with him in Testament, and one with his jazz trio. The Testament song is "Electric Crown" wich features one of my favorite solos with Alex, the solo kicks of at 3:04.
The Alex Skolnick trio song is Western Sabbath Stomp.

For more info about Alex Skolnick and his music go to this links:

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